You can visit Jaisalmer from November to February

 Jaisalmer falls in Rajasthan and is a very beautiful place to visit.

We have seen that people like to visit manali or any hill station like shimla like mussoorie in winter but jaisalmer is also very beautiful place to visit when you go to jaisalmer you will see everything golden some golden color jaisalmer It is also called Golden City, which we call Golden Colour, here only plains are visible from far and wide, the culture here is very different, people's work is first, people here like to raise cattle. ,

Actually there is not much work here, there are no factories here because it falls very close to the border of Pakistan and the rest of the city is far away from it, that is why the people here mostly earn their living by animal husbandry. Ever since people have shown interest to travel here, many things have started changing here, now you can do a lot of activities in the desert, it is a very nice place to visit. Here you will get to see many resorts and you will get all the facilities in those resorts, there you also get the cultural program in the evening and that program is amazing.

When you go to Jaisalmer, the desert there attracts you.

We have seen that when one comes to Jaisalmer for the first time, the desert attracts him, when you go to the desert in the sun, you see that golden color. Very beautiful and very attractive and when the sun rises, this desert starts getting hot, it becomes difficult to survive on this offer, but when night falls, this desert becomes very cold. It is very hot in the afternoon and very cold at night, you will hardly feel the change inside your city. But you show this change in the desert, you will see that it has become hotter than normal during the day and colder than normal at night.


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